Dorian Studio Field Trip

SFCC photo students had an opportunity to visit Dorian Photography Studio in downtown Spokane on Tuesday, November 21st. Dorian Studio is the largest privately held photography business in Spokane with locations in Boise, Las Vegas, Portland, Phoenix, Seattle, and Tri Cities. Students were greeted by members of the Mark family (Joe and Yvonne, and their son John) who have owned the studio for over 30 years. Students toured the photography studios, production lab, and packaging departments and met employees from every department including studio manager Bryan Bowman, photographer Greg Cotton, and SFCC photography alum Amy Barker who has worked in the digital department for Dorian ever since her first internship over six years ago.

SFCC Photography is grateful for the ongoing support of Dorian Studio. In September of 2007 Dorians donated three Mamiya 6x7 camera systems along with multiple lenses and accessories. John Mark also serves on the Photography Professional Advisory Committee that oversees the curriculum development for our program.

Studio manager Brian Bowman (left) and customer service rep Chris Smith look on as SFCC student Kristina Fisher chats with owner John Mark.

Click here to visit Dorian's website.


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