Applications for the 2008 Wave Scholarship are now available.

The Award

Recipients of this annual tuition award receive monetary grants, based on availability of funds, to pay undergraduate educational tuition expenses for two years (six quarters or four semesters) at a Washington State institution of higher education, an accredited Washington State independent college or university, or a licensed private vocational school. If tuition is paid for through other means, the WAVE funds can be used to pay for other valid educational expenses, such as books, supplies, room, board, or transportation. The grant is based on undergraduate study only. The student must maintain a term grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 to continue using the award..

A student is eligible to apply for the WAVE award if currently a state resident enrolled in a Washington State high school, skills center, or public community or technical college, and by June 30, 2008, will:

1) graduate from high school having completed a minimum of 360 hours in a single, approved vocational program; or
2) be enrolled in a public community or technical college and complete at least one year (minimum of 360 hours) in an approved vocational program; and
3) not have been a previous WAVE recipient.

Complete instructions, information and applications can be found at
Also, applications are available in the Career and Student Employment Center at SFCC, building 17 room, 226.

Applications are due on February 15th and should be submitted to the Career and Student Employment Center at SFCC, building 17, room 226.

For additional information please contact Vickie Schmitt at 533-3540.


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