SFCC Photography Program Hosts International Journalism Delegation

On December 7th the Spokane Falls Community College Photography and Journalism Clubs hosted a delegation of Russian Journalist for a two hour program (10:30 am – 12:30pm) that includes a catered luncheon and panel discussion that was attended by over 40 community members and students.

The program included a tour of the Journalism and Photography programs at SFCC and a round table discussion about the role of news media as a watchdog for government and large corporations and how this role is being threatened by the economic crisis within journalism institutions.

The event was sponsored by Open World Leadership Center and was facilitated by SCC Dean of Instructional Services, Mary Carr and SFCC Photography Instructor, Ira Gardner.  The delegation explored the current state of journalism in the United States as evidenced by representative media outlets, individual journalists, and journalism schools in Spokane and the region. They discussed topics such as ethics in journalism, the influence of the new media on journalism, the state of newspapers in the United States, the first amendment, and the impact of the 24-hour news cycle in journalism.

Delegates from Russia
Yekaterina Viktorovna Karaseva (Facilitator)
Yelena Alekseyevna Berezhkova
Dmitriy Viktorovich Bykov
Milana Lvovna Dzhiganshina
Anna Vladimirovna Klyuyeva
Vladimir Vladimirovich Kravtsov
Larissa Vasilyevna Kulinich (Interpreter)

US Media Representatives
Don Grunning – News Director KYRS Radio
Steven Smith – Former Editor, Spokesman Review
Karen Dorn Steele – Investigative Journalist
Colin Mulvany – Photo Journalist, Spokesman Review
Rob Foote – General Manager CMTV
John Caputo – Media Professor, Gonzaga University


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