Almost Ready!

Students and faculty hung 56 photographic images at the Kress Gallery in downtown Spokane as part of preparations for this year's 2011 Society for Photographic Education Northwest Region Conference.

Volunteers have been hauling artwork around to different venues and setting up displays that celebrate the diversity of photography and its impact on our culture.

Imagery ranges from candid street photographs that capture everyday moments to colorful abstract imagery that is musical in nature.

Trying to figure out what images fit next to others is like putting together a jigsaw puzzle.

The Kress Gallery Exhibition is a group show of SPE Members who submitted work for review and consideration to be a part of the exhibition. Each image was selected based upon a unique attribute or idea that is represented within the work.

Conference Co-Chairs and SFCC Faculty members Ira Gardner and Melissa Rackham have been working for months to put the conference together and the gallery exhibitions are just the finishing touches.

Please join us for the First Friday Artist Reception Friday night at the Kress Gallery from 5-8pm. Be sure to check out the other photographic conference exhibitions at the following locations:

SFCC Photography Building
Barili Winery
Nectar Tasting Room
Spokane Public Library
Dean Davis Photography
Kolva-Sullivan Gallery
Brick Wall Gallery

Photos by Mike Busby


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